Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Rabbit Experience

Have been living in Linz since march,2010.It's a nice city with great surroundings.if you love sight-seeing,i bet this is a place to visit.Great mountain views,good environment and above all,lovely people.

My summer was enterprising.A Scottish family who were on the their way for a month vacation invited me to stay in their house for summer break with the added responsibility of nursing their family pets;two rabbits.i didn't meet this family out of the blue,they're my friends and we church together in Grace International Fellowship,Linz.The new journey!

I have always wanted to have a rabbit whiles i was growing up.It started in Takoradi,Ghana, when our neighbours had rabbits.Our holiday afternoons as pupils were spent running around the hutch since we were not allowed to touch them.After many years,i had them as pets for 5weeks in Austria.

It was a great experience.Rabbits are very lovely,sweet and funny animals notwithstanding their stubbornness.i spent lots of time reading about them,firstly to get to know their behaviours.i surfed the Internet hour and hours for almost three days reading about rabbits.i could have easily passed a veterinary test on rabbits.

Female rabbits are very soft and obedient.The female one is really soft and yielding to directions unlike the male rabbit.The multi-purpose rabbits' hutch is on the grassy surrounding in the house's compound.I opened them daily for about 2-4hours depending on weather conditions.If it rained,i didn't allow them to get out of the cage.This keeps them neat and also prevents them digging holes.Beware!

The Jackie experience:The male rabbit goes by the name Jack.He is super-active and acutely stubborn.He's first to runs out of the cage and purposefully begins chewing the fence,which is normal of rabbits from what i read.One day,i returned from University only to meet an empty cage.The rabbits had escaped.Confused as i was,i knew they'll return.on second thought i tried calling them,Jack rushed from the neighbour's nicely planted vegetable farm,standing afar off ,he glared at me and seems to be shouting,I'm Free!Few minutes later,the female rabbit came out from the same direction.Thankfully,they didn't cause any havoc to the neighbour's veggies.

I called her,and she came right to me.i lifted her into the cage and left Jackie to roam about.It seems,the more freedom,it had,the more difficult it became to control Jackie.A naughty little creature.He didn't want me touching him and hopped around,from one spot to another.Oh Jackie!When darkness fell,it went to stand beside the cage in an attempt to get inside.On realizing it,i helped Jackie into his cage.

Rabbits!Rabbits!i guess everyone needs a rabbit especially a stubborn one,just to keep us calmer.lol!